lina+xavier - in bloom

this couple. swoooooooooooon! 

lina and xavier went to UW together, although, it's not where their love blossomed (pun intended har har!).  but since both are alumni, how could we not schedule our shoot around the most glorious week of the year at the school? well, we couldn't. knowing the quad would be packed on this particular weekend with the cherry blossoms near peak bloom, we all met up at the school at sunrise to capture these shots before all the humans would make it impossible. we did well! 

after that we headed to pike market and since it was the morning after st. patricks day, the traffic was super light and we were able to pose an epic dip shot in the middle of the intersection of 1st & pike. HOLY COW! i am so happy with this multiple exposure & that the city was quiet with hung over people. ;) 

we briefly covered the waterfront and kerry park as well for a fun filled half day adventure engagement package. it was a blast! 

cannot wait until june when i will be shooting their wedding at the gorgeous lake union cafe.  part 2 with these two coming soon!