what do i wear?

my top tips for what to wear for any type of shoot:

  • wear clothes that are comfortable and that make you look great

  • dress as fancy or down to earth as you like, but i suggest comfy shoes for all the walking we may be doing! 

  • clothes should be neatly pressed and should look new or like new

  • absolutely no logos or branding

  • a simple dark shirt/blouse/dress is often a good option

  • avoid white shirts unless you plan to wear it underneath something

  • solid colors are great

  • avoid busy patterns and large lines or stripes

  • no glitter, sparkles, rhinestones, sequins

  • go for a pop of color somewhere. bright red and vivid orange can look fantastic in moderation. a pop of red especially, looks great against the backdrops of the pacific northwest 

  • wear layers and/or bring a change of shirts

  • turtlenecks are almost always a bad idea

couples & families:

  • try and wear complimentary colors - be mindful of what everyone else is wearing

  • don’t over match, be your individual selves

  • dress up or dress down, but please make it appear that you are all going to the same event


make up guidelines:

  • your make-up or hair-style should be exactly what you would do daily for job interview or party

  • wear a heavy layer of translucent powder (avoid mineral powders and foundations/concealers that contain spf and/or make up with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These make ups cause something called flashback and it makes you look like a vampire if use any subtle flash photography!). use concealer on blemishes as well if you want to hide them, but I do photoshop blemishes out if you want!

  • line lips before applying matte lipstick, then reline. don't overdo it. 

  • avoid shimmers or products with lots of sparkle or shine

  • avoid frosts or garish colors

  • avoid over-styling. keep it simple

  • bring a hair brush, powder, and lipstick with you to refresh make up as we go


that’s it! looking forward to our shoot!!!